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Looking for washing machine covers online in Pakistan, You have come to the right place!

A washing machine is found in almost every home. However, most of the time, they are left out in the open without any protection. The washing machine is exposed to dust, rainwater, and other pollutants in such open areas. It is usually better to protect expensive washing machines from such harsh conditions.

Gul A Classic is the manufacturer of top load washing machines, front load washing machines, and twin tub washing machines

This washing machine covers prolonging the life of your washing machines. Additionally, these covers keep moisture out of the washing machine, which might damage expensive parts like the motor.

Our covers for the washing machine provide 360-degree protection. It covers the front and back sides both.

Reasons to Buy Washing Machine Covers

There are multiple advantages of using washing machine covers. Washing machines are reliable but expensive appliances. Proper care and maintenance should be a top priority to avoid uncertain mishaps. Rust and dust can cause damage to machines, a protective cover can act as a barrier to reduce this exposure.

Washing machines that are exposed to UV -Rays (direct sunlight) lose their attractive shades, and their structure gets weaker. Worst of all, sunlight may cause little damage to the dashboard circuit, which is the main component of the washing machine.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Washing Machine Covers Online

  1. Type of Machine: Washing machine covers should only be bought after knowing the type of your Washing Machine. Is it a semi-automatic washing machine, front-load, or top-load? This way you can choose your protective cover accordingly.
  2. Size of Washing Machine: After considering the type, you should definitely know the size of the washing machine. Does it lie under the category of 7-10 KG Top Load, 10 – 15 KG Top Load Front load, or Dual Tub?
  3. User Friendly: These covers should be easy to install and remove. Gul A Classic washing machine covers come with a zipper for user-friendliness.
  4. Durability: We should always check the durability of the covers. The fabric is water-resistant and dust resistant. We recommend changing these covers once a year to maintain their durability.