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L Shape Sofa Covers in Pakistan

L Shape Sofa Covers in Pakistan protects your sofa set from spills, stains, wear and tear to prevent it from getting ruined Read More

It is excellent for homes with children and pets, or for anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection.

Fabric Details

Stretchable cotton jersey fabric with elastic ends as a result, it’s easy to fit and easy to remove. Knit that Fits cotton jersey fabric is machine washable.

Why Do You Need L-Shape Sofa Covers?

  • An affordable solution for your valuable sofa set. Hide unwanted stains and torn-off areas of your furniture.
  • Install these sofa covers for your sofa set protection.
  • Give a new look to your sofa with the help of fitted sofa covers
  • Hide unwanted stains with our jersey sofa covers
  • Protect your sofa set from children and pets with Gul A Classic jersey sofa covers
  • Check Out the Installation Guide Here
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Perfect Fit

Perfect fitting for your sofa to provide 180-degree protection with an elegant look. Neat and rich solid colors make your living room new and stylish.

Various Colors

In order to meet different house needs, Knit that Fits makes different colors of sofa protectors to suit every room’s theme. You can choose from various selection of colors according to your preferences.

Size Recommendation

Please provide a sofa set picture for size recommendation if you are unsure about the size. We have jumbo size covers available for huge size sofa sets.